Preventative Care

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Annual physical exams allow veterinarians an opportunity to assess general health and discuss changing wellness practices in your individual pet. The veterinarian performs a nose to tail examination assessing body condition, oral hygiene, eyesight, heart function, and joint mobility. Regular examination allows early detection of changes, and in some cases early intervention of disease. Owners are also given the opportunity to ensure their concerns from home are discussed, such as lumps and bumps or new behaviors. 
During annual visits, we have the opportunity to discuss your pet's life style and associated risks. This allows the veterinarian to make an individualized prevention plan for your unique pet and lifestyle that integrates the most current veterinary knowledge. This prevention plan may include vaccinations, preventive medications, home care, nutrition, lifestyle changes and more. Decisions are recorded in a detailed medical record, to ensure continuity of care for each individual pet, tracking weight changes and health issues over the lifetime of your pet.