Dr. Nick Parker (BVMS, MSC, Diplomates, ACVS), is a board certified surgeon who consults with our veterinarians on orthopedic cases and performs complicated orthopedic surgeries, such as TPLO, arthroscopy and tight rope procedures. These procedures require specialized training and equipment, so to provide quality care for your pet, we entrust specific cases to the care of a specialized surgeon. We are also able to accept medical referrals from veterinarians in the surrounding region. We treat every patient with compassion and we look forward to working with other veterinary hospitals in managing patient care. 

Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO)

A TPLO is a surgical technique to repair a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) in dogs (and sometimes cats). In dogs with a CCL rupture, their knee is unstable because with the CCL gone, the femur (thigh bone) slides backwards along the tibia (shin bone), because the shin bone in dogs is sloped. To restore knee joint stability, a portion of the top of the shin bone is cut away with a specialized curved bone saw. This cut portion is then rotated to level the slope and a stainless steel bone plate is placed to hold the bone in place. During this procedure the inside of the knee joint is inspected for meniscal cartilage damage, either with an arthroscope or with an open joint. After this repair, the knee is stable as the thigh bone is able to sit on the shin bone without sliding. 

Extracapsular repair (Tight-Rope Procedure)

An extracapsular repair, or tight-rope procedure, is a surgical technique to repair a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CLL) in dogs (and sometimes cats). This procedure, in essence, replaces the CLL with a large strong suture. The knee joint is opened, inspected, and the torn CCL, any damaged meniscus and any bone spurs are removed. A hole is then drilled in the front of the tibia and the suture is passed through this hole and around the fabella (a small bone in behind the knee). After this repair, the knee is stable as the suture replaces the job of the CCL.


Arthroscopy is a specialized type of endoscopy where a joint is observed through a small incision. This minimally invasive surgical procedure involves passing an endoscope into a joint, allowing examination of the joint for diagnostic purposes. Damage to the joint can then be treated with specially designed instruments inserted through the small accessory incisions. This technique can be used to diagnose and treat a large variety of joint related diseases, such as meniscal tears, elbow dysplasia, osteochondrosis, biceps tendon tears and ligament ruptures.



We accept surgical and medical referrals from veterinarians across Eastern Ontario. This minimizes travel time for sick or injured animals requiring specialized care, as well as access to a surgical specialist when required. Our climate controlled facility allows us to do surgeries, including castrations all year round. All castrations include scrotal ablation which results in a closed, rather than an open incision. This type of incision is less attractive to flies and heals faster. It also decreases post-operative complications, such as swelling, risk of infection, need for cold hosing, and muscle stiffness. 

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