Dr. Nick Parker BVMS, MSC, Diplomates ACVS (board certified surgeon) that is able to perform more complicated orthopedic surgeries. We accept medical referrals from veterinarians in the surrounding area. We treat every patient with compassion and care and look forward to working with other veterinary hospitals and patients.



We accept surgical and medical referrals from veterinarians across Eastern Ontario. This minimizes travel time for sick or injured animals requiring specialized care, as well as access to a surgical specialist when required. Our climate controlledfacility allows us to do surgeries, including castrations all year round. All castrations include scrotal ablation which results in a closed, rather than an open incision. This type of incision is less attractive to flies and heals faster. It also decreases post-operative complications, such as swelling, risk of infection, need for cold hosing, and muscle stiffness. 

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