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We hope you are able to get a sense of what our hospital is all about and some insight to the services we provide. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing “care and comfort” to every one of our clients and patients. Please also like our Facebook page for a daily peak behind-the-scenes throughout the hospital. Please visit our “Featured News” section monthly to stay up-to-date about current pet health concerns, clinic news, community events and much more.



Edward is our boss cat. He can be seen all around the hospital getting into mischief. He is excellent at bonding with each of our clients and wants to be best friends with all our patients. He makes us smile everyday. Edward spends his weekends with Dr. Keith and his family getting spoiled.

Edward also likes to stay in touch with all our clients. Follow his very on Instagram Page: edward_pah


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Every year we see Heartworm, Lyme and other tick-borne disease positive cases in this area.  Since January 2019 we have diagnosed 6 Heartworm positive cases. Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and we sure do have a lot of them around. We are continually seeing more and more ticks each year in this area which are capable of transmitting Lyme and other tick-borne diseases to our canine friends and ourselves. If you would like more information on these diseases please visit our online library for more information.

We want to do our best to ensure our patients live a LONG, HEALTHY and HAPPY life. We have a variety of different preventative products to choose from to suit your pet’s lifestyle. Call or e-mail us today for more information.


happy cat packs!

We are happy to let you know that we have ‘Happy Cat Packs’! Trips into the clinic can be a stressful time for cats. They are not use to being in a small carrier, going into the car, coming into the hospital with lots of new strange smells and dogs around, it can be a lot for them to take in! We are a feline-friendly practice and want to make this visit as comfortable as possible for our feline friends so that we can give them the best care and medicine.  Your furry felines are apart of our clinic family, and our top priority is their care and comfort.  Our Happy Cat Packs are designed to promote a comfortable and anxiety-free kitty.

We welcome and encourage all our wonderful cat owners to please call and speak to any staff member about the ways that the team here at the Prescott Animal Hospital strives to make your cats visit calm, friendly and a stress free experience.


new faces

We are always enjoy welcoming new clients and patients to our Hospital!

Our PAH team grows every year! We have a lot of students interested in veterinary medicine spend time at the hospital. From high school co-op students, to veterinary students completing their externships, to international veterinary students, we love helping them develop their skills and passion for helping animals and their owners.

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Did you know we have wellness packages available? Our wellness packages are designed to help prevent disease, maintain quality of life and prolong the lives of our companion animals. We have designed wellness packages for our puppies and kittens, adults and mature pets that focus on their specific needs. These packages also offer discounts and monthly payments. Please call or e-mail the office for more information.

Did you know we carry affordable quality controlled pet foods? We have a variety of choices for your furry friends. All our veterinary diets are high quality, scientifically tested and tasty! Purchase 10 bags or 10 cases of any of our diets and you will receive the next bag 1/2 price!


The faces of the beloved animals entrusted to our care are always changing as well. We find great fulfillment in watching puppies and kittens grow and contribute love and laughter to each of their families. We are proud that for the 4th year in a row our team has received the 2018 OVMA Practice Management Award. This award recognizes veterinary clinics that strive for, and have achieved success within their practice. Our team members are passionate about educating each owner on the benefits of animal health care that will ensure their new family member lives a long, healthy life.



We are excited to announce that we have a new "PETPAGE" MOBILE APP.

You can view upcoming appointment, healthcare reminders, refill prescriptions, request appointments and more!

Do you prefer e-mail, texting, a personal phone call? Let us know. We have multiple options to be able to communicate with our clients to ensure we can deliver convenient service to help you and your pets!

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Did you know we offer home visits for your furry family members? If your pet doesn’t like travelling to the Hospital we can come to you. Our goal is to ensure your pet is comfortable. Please call or e-mail us to ask us for more information.



Being a community-based business is a core value of our practice. Every year our team looks forward to participating in the Spencerville Fair Parade in September and the annual Light at Night parade here in Prescott in December. We are happy to sponsor or participate in many events throughout our region.



We are always open to hearing from you so please feel free to call or email us any time.The greatest compliment you can pay us is by referring your family and family.

We thank each of you for entrusting us with your furry family members and appreciate each time you refer a friend or relative to us. This compliment is second only to a wagging tail or loving lick from one of our patients!